Firewood Suppliers

8 Aug

Seasoned Firewood Suppliers

As one of the UK’s largest firewood suppliers & coal merchants, Firewood Shop supplies the finest dry and seasoned firewood and coal products online.

Hardwood Logs

We all know that the best burning and most efficient logs to burn are hardwood logs, that why our bulk bags conatin nothing but quality seasoned hardwood logs with a moisture contanet of less than 20%.  Kiln dried or barn dried all our logs are ready to burn with a low moisture reading.

Our firewood logs are sold in nets, huge 1 cubic metre bulk bags and our best ever extra value giant bags.

Choose from 100% hardwood or softwood logs.  All our logs are seasoned, split and ready to burn!  Our hardwood logs are cut from Oak, Ash, Beach, Birch and Sycamore, you won’t find better logs online. More info

Coal Products – as online coal merchants we supply the finest quality house coal and smokeless coal, click here to view our range.


Coal & Firewood Delivery

We offer a local and natiowide delivery service (which is free to most areas!)

All our firewood and coal products can be delivered next day throughout the country.

Our deliveries are made on pallets by vehicles with a tail lift and a pallet trolly, this generally means that we can deliver up your drive if you have a paved or tarmac driveway, otherwise we can leave the pallets on the pavement or curbside.

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