Hardwood Logs

Hardwood Logs

Seasoned Hardwood Logs Delivered Nationwide!

Try our seasoned hardwood logs in your home this winter, all our logs have been barn dried and seasoned to ensure they are ready to warm your home.  We deliver logs and firewood to all parts of the UK through our extensive distribution network, you can even get them next day!

We sell logs in various quantities from a single small bag to a waggon load and you can order logs online!  For best value buy our logs in a twin pack of bulk bags.

Our logs have been cut from tree surgeons waste so that no trees are cut down for the sole purpose of burning.  Did you know that burning wood is much better for the atmosphere than coal or other fossil fuels?  Wood only releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as it absorbed from the atmosphere during its growth and is therefore carbon neutral!!

Buy Logs Online – buy quality seasoned logs online with free next day delivery!!

 You can buy logs online through our secure online shopping basket, we accept most major debit and credit cards online including switch, maestro, visa, master card and many more.  For further information visit online shop to buy firewood.

When you buy from us you are buying direct from the supplier: All our firewood logs are all cut from sustainable sources, most of our timber comes from selected tree surgeons waste, for more information on sustainable wood sources click here. We only select hardwood logs to cut and split for firewood so you are guaranteed quality when you buy firewood from us, all our logs are cut between 8 and ten inches in length (some may be smaller).  If you have a special size requirement please do not hesitate to contact us.